For this project, I was interested in exploring letters as design – seeing how they hold up not only as the shape containing a design, but also as part of a larger design. Playing around with the shapes of the letters, and the details contained within the design allowed me to explore the structure of each letter. Then, by using RedBubble as a platform, I was able to see how each shape held up as a singular design, or as part of a larger pattern. Applying typographic designs to apparel and home goods was an exciting way to see the alphabet in a new light.


A – Alpha


B – Bravo


C – Charlie


D – Delta


E – Echo


F – Foxtrot


G – Golf


H – Hotel


I – India


J – Juliet


K – Kilo


L – Lima


M – Mike


N – November


O – Oscar


P – Papa


Q – Quebec


R – Romeo


R – Ranay (Limited Edition)


S – Sierra


T – Tango


U – Uniform


V – Victor