The first poet known by name was a woman. The first known novel was written by a woman.

For most of our recorded history, women have lived in a world ruled by men. But even during times of immense subjugation and oppression, women have used words to communicate and express themselves.

1.75 x 1.35 meters. Ink and marker on paper.

For me, 2016 showed how far the world still has to go before women are seen and represented as equals. In so many ways, the expectations for women haven’t changed much over the years. What we do, or don’t do, and how we do it… everything is mired in generations of social expectations.

#WomenRise is a tribute to the past, and a hope for the future. Like women throughout history, I’m using words to connect with others, while paying visual tribute to the creations that have always been seen as “women’s work:” artistic representations of textile and fiber arts, sewing and embroidery and beadwork. By embracing the past, my vision is to speak to the present for a better future.

I have included further inspiration at the bottom of the page.

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Each of the 15 hand-drawn panels are 27×35 cm.
Ink and marker on paper. 2017.

Further Inspiration: